If you have a lot of time to spend in Sydney, we recommend getting out of the city for a day trip that will be a unique experience that you will remember.

  1. Blue Mountains Day Trip with LOKA

The Blue Mountains Day Trip starts off in the city where you get picked up at your hostel by a friendly tour guide. After that, it’s a quick 1.5hour bus ride up to the Blue Mountains where your first stop is at the bush reserve to spot the kangaroos and other wildlife and visit a historic village.


After that you will go on a 2 guided hike at Wenthworth Falls and get to take photos at amazing lookout points. A picnic lunch is also provided after the hike amongst the lush greens and panoramic view of the Blue Mountains.


You will also get to view the iconic Three Sisters at the lookout point, and during the non-winter seasons you’ll get the opportunity to swim at the Yarranundi swimming hole.

Blue Mountains - Skyway&ThreeSisters (1MB).jpg

Finally to end of the tour, you’ll get to have some Aussie beer tasting  at one of Australia’s most famous boutique breweries before heading back to the city.

  1. Wine Crawl Through Hunter Valley with Colourful Trips

If wine is your interest, it is highly recommended that you go on a wine crawl through the valley in Australia`s oldest wine production region, the Hunter Valley. From internationally renowned cellar doors to historic family owned wineries you`ll taste up to 20 wines as well as free time to taste local cheese, browse through the local boutique shops or buy an Aussie beer to savour. So grab a friend and get into the good life!

A tourguide will also pick you up from the hotel, and fret not about having wine on an empty stomach as a sumptuous lunch is included at one of the country clubs in the valley.


  1. Tandem Skydive in Sydney-Wollongong

Now if you’re up for some thrilling action, tandem skydiving is a must do in Sydney. Australia is one of the safest places to skydive, so this would be an opportunity not to miss!

You will be picked up from your hotel and drive out an hour out of the city to the south of Sydney to the Wollongong drop zone. Upon arrival, you will be required to fill up indemnity forms followed by a quick 15 minute briefing on the safety and do’s and don’ts when skydiving.

When all is set and ready to go, you will take a 15minute drive out to the plane where you will fly up and jump out 14,000 feet directly over the North Wollongong beach. Trust us when we say this, but it was the most exhilarating experience ever! Make sure you get this ticked off your bucket list when in Sydney!

Erika Cortez 0117.jpg

If you are interested to do any of these day trip activities in Sydney, visit our website today!

For activities in and around Sydney, check out our blog post here.

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