So you are super excited for the Europe trip that you have been planning (and dreaming) of for a long time. You are going to be visiting multiple countries, sightseeing and taking your selfie-of-the-day. With so many things to see and do, how will you get from Point A to Point B on a budget without wasting hours at the airport waiting for your flight?

Travelling in Europe offers a variety of options especially for travelers on a budget. Prices vary depending on how impeccable of a service you want, but they do end up being comparable to airfares.

  1. Cost

    It may or may not be the cheaper mode of transportation, especially if you found a budget airline on promotion. But if you factor in all of the costs for your travel from the hotel to the airport, you are already counting the extra dollars! Trains also don’t charge extra for baggage fees or other hidden costs… so technically, you can bring as many luggage bags as you need (although we hope you don’t travel with too much things)!


  2. Convenience

    Trains in Europe are easily accessible and most of the time are located in the central area of the city. So no matter where you go and stay, chances are you will have a train station nearby that you may just end up walking to your hotel. Oh – and for all the long-legged travelers out there, most (if not all) European trains have A LOT of leg room and are modern which makes the ride so much more comfy!


  3. Flexibility

    For travelers who are more flexible with their time – train is definitely the way to go. You can even have the option of an open ticket where you can take any timing you want if you end up wanting to stay for a couple more hours or even days in a city. You can be so spontaneous throughout your travel that you can even hop off the train in one city that you didn’t even plan on visiting! How’s that for flexible?


  4. Experience

    Of course, the best thing about travelling via train is the experience. Instead of spending a few hours at the airport and in the sky, you can witness the amazing views of the countryside as you pass through to the next country.

    trains-round-up-europe_20681_600x450Photograph by Morten Rakke, Visit Flam

    Don’t want to waste your day travelling? Fret not, as you can even travel overnight and wake up in a new city. Train carriages are equipped with beds and range from dorm-style to private compartments depending on your preference. It is also pretty safe, as there are security guards on each carriage making their rounds.

    Last but not the least, train rides are very social as you have people hopping on and off the train at every station. With such a long journey ahead, you’ll be sure to have a chat with the person sitting next to you sharing travel itineraries and well, maybe even meet a gorgeous stranger!


So what’s our verdict? Travel around Europe via train is must to get the ultimate European experience. What’s more, we always have awesome train deals available for our spontaneous travelers!

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