We all love a good drink – but not necessarily weird drinks. If you are the type who is open to trying out new things [and drinks!], you probably had your fair share from around the world. Here’s our top 6 picks in no particular order – try them if you dare!

  1. Snake/Scorpion/Lizard/anything that looks nasty – Southeast Asia

    Before you cringe and say yuck, it is believed that such drinks have numerous healing benefits including warding off evil spirits.Often in a jar with those beady eyes staring at you when you look at it closely. Ruou_thuoc_1

  2. Yak Butter Tea – Tibet and Northern India

    Before a long day of hiking up the Tibetan Mountain, this drink is meant to be high in calorific intake – but not so good for, hmm taste?1280px-Bos_grunniens_at_Letdar_on_Annapurna_Circuit

  3. Stag/Horse Semen shot – New Zealand

    There is a pub downtown in Wellington known as the ‘Green Man pub‘ that regularly includes ‘specialized’ drinks to their drinks menu as an entry to the World Food Challenge. We learnt that the horse offering containing 4000 sperms per shot was sold out before the judges could take a sip (a blessing in disguise perhaps?).blog2

  4. Seagull Wine – The Artic

    You can probably guess this one already – and is apparently one that will surely get you drunk. Being in the Arctic, the Inuits didn’t really have much to work with and well, it is the simplest way the wine is made. Stuff a dead seagull in a bottle of water and let it ferment under the sun. Yep… seagull-1273805_960_720

    Image from Pixabay courtesy of skeeze
  5. Bacon Vodka/Beer – USA

    Apparently really good, it is thought that perhaps this is the must-have-to-drink-alcoholic-beverage to cure your hangover.baconblogpost

  6. Pulque – Mexico

    Created from the fermented sap of agave plants and described as ‘viscous’, it must have some redeeming properties as it’s been drunk in the Tequila region of Mexico for over 2000 years.This traditional drink contains 4-8% alcohol and is now being promoted to create Pulque tourism.Pulqueblogpic

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